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Project loon

project loon is a new technology which is conducted by google.Aim of this project is to open out  the internet all over the world.The balloon carry a communication kit and it has a receiver and transmitter through which signals are sent...It has both transmitter and receiver with the help of transmitter it transmits the signals from one place to another.A receiver has an kit where it receives the signals and delivers all over the Area.In this a balloon is very flexible bag filled with air or helium. .project loon floats in stratosphere.They are carrying all around with the help of winds.each balloon has a GPS track .Each balloon will be about 20 Km distance from stratosphere . balloons can be controlled by using software and the internet connection and can be connected with the help of receiver.It has relatively low wind speeds.each layer of wind varies in direction.It is better to place the balloon above the Weather events,wild life and airplanes.Each balloon goes around the earth with in 22 days.Generally they track the signals from Balloon and receiver connects to it.A project loon generally uses the ISM bands. Internet access is 3G and those areas where there is no internet.The main advantage of using this project loon is to get accessing of internet in remote areas.With the help of this project loon farmers will come to know the new technologies in remote areas .and many children all over the world will learn the education with the help of online classes.and it provide internet at low cost.cheaper data rate and cheaper infrastructure.faster and efficient connection and secured data.The only loop what we are facing is shorter life and requires continuous monitoring.Really project loon is an ambitious project and the entire world will benefit from it.It is an initiative to fill the internet gap.The main goal is to provide broad-band like internet for the world that does not have internet access to a reliable internet connection.It is still in an experimental phase.Actually google done the experiment in 2017 in New zeland.Google projects its like an commercial project.It is till in an experimental phase.Hope so to be implemented as soon as possible.

Fuel your vechile on water

An 44 year old Indian has desigined a vechile that runs on mixture of water and carbide.He fills the tank with fuel and carbide powder.A chemical reaction takes place and aceytylene is formed. Aceytylene acts as fuel to drive the car.It costs about 10 to 20 rs per liter.Day by Day petrol rates are increasing.It is very difficult for a common person to exists because of increasing in petrol costs.people are facing a lot of problem because of increasing in cost.This type of technology is very much useful for the common people . Because now a days the petrol and diesel rates have been increasing in such a way that common person cannot face it.Government should encourage this type of inventions.Now a days so many kits are available in market and so many industries offering different type of kits that helps a car that run with the help of water.But all these things should be viewed carefully.These kits which arranged to vehicle or car uses electrolysis to split the water H2O in to its component molecules hydrogen and oxygen and then infuse the subsequent hydrogen into the motor's ignition procedure to control the auto alongside the fuel. Doing this, they say, influences the fuel to consume cleaner and all the more totally, therefore making the motor more effective.In any case, specialists say the vitality condition on this kind of framework isn't, in all actuality, effective by any means. For one, the electrolysis procedure utilizes vitality, for example, power in the home or the on-board auto battery, to work. By the laws of nature, at that point, the framework utilizes more vitality making hydrogen than the subsequent hydrogen itself can supply, as indicated by Dr. Fabio Chiara, look into researcher in elective burning at the Center for Automotive Research at Ohio State University Related with the water-fuelled auto lie are claims that added substances, frequently a pill, change over the water into usable fuel, like a carbide light, in which a high-vitality added substance delivers the burnable fuel. This "fuel pill" has been professedly shown on a full-sized vehicle, as revealed in 1980 in Mother Earth News. By and by, water itself can't contribute any vitality to the procedure; the added substance or the pill is the fuel..

Looks Like Android Gun IN To Water Gun : 

Back in 2017 APPLE Switch the graphic used for its gun emoji , replacing the  realistic gun in to water gun.Just a few days ago Twitter followed And now it may be turn with the GOOGLE. The gun emoji in android will appear like as a bright orange and yellow color. As first thing to be noted Google has just switch the Graphics in its Emoji library on GIT-HUB. These emojis are used by the android users. Google is trying to change the emoji of Android gun in to water gun emoji.Before Apple take the step Google has a plan to take step to change the emoji .The Gun Emoji in Android will soon  appear as bright orange and yellow super soaked look alike.Its a matter in communication. If a massive people can send a cartoon water toy in to a message and the receiver will receive as a realistic hand gun. Apple doesn't want to change the course. now the Google want to change. If this will happen it will really help in a social media. Its just an matter of communication. If an bulk of IOS users sends an cartoony water toy as a message the other massive android users will get an emoji as a real water gun. It will leads to a confusion. Apple didn’t going to change the course on one. Let see what will happen with the google.Expect so, with the new emojis.....

Hot Car Cold Weather Ferrari Latest Track :

At any rate it wasn't snowing. That occurred before that morning in the midst of our plant visit as colossal wet snowflakes skimmed down from above, covering the region with a couple of jerks of the white stuff. Despite whether you like snow, it's verifiably not the sort of thing you have to see hours before tossing greatly significant model recreations cars controlled by Ferrari's most competent roadgoing V8 ever around a track. A Like the 488 GTB, the 488 Pista is a wondrous thing, however every one of the autos I drove that day were secured with mind-twisting disguise tape that adequately veiled the Pista's one of a kind parts, including the guard, diving "frunk," side pipes, raise diffuser, and back spoiler, all air sharpened in Ferrari's Renzo Piano-composed breeze burrow found only a kilometer or two away. The main new parts not secured by camo were the lightweight back window and accessible one-piece carbon-fiber wheels. Ferrari held the autos under wraps – actually – while its last designing changes were being made ahead of time of the main conveyances not long from now, however the Pista had authoritatively appeared half a month sooner at the Geneva Motor Show.

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